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5 Questions to Ask Any Architect Before Hiring Them

The vast majority of people will only have limited involvement with an architect during their lives and so it’s important to know which questions to ask an architect before hiring them, whether your project is a single-storey extension, loft conversation or something more ambitious. These five questions will help you.

1. How do you charge?

There are always several stages to any project and it’s important to understand when payments will need to be made. There are elements of a project that require the involvement of third parties such as planning officers which can disrupt expected timescales.

2. What level of project management do you provide?

There are several distinct skills that an architect has to bring together to execute a project. It’s important to discuss with your architect what involvement they will have with the overall project, or will they be providing individual elements for you.

3. Do you have examples of your work?

Architects are usually happy to discuss their previous work that demonstrates what they can do. Look for a level of creativity that suits your project.

4. What involvement will you have in communicating with Planning Officers?

Much like with other areas of legislation, planning rules have grey areas and technicalities that when understood to a high level will allow for negotiation with planning officers. Projects that at first glance may not be allowed, could become possible with some lateral thinking and good communication with the planning officer.

5. What’s the timeline for this project?

An architect won’t always be able to give exact timescales for how long a project will take as there are many variables involved but this doesn’t mean an estimate can’t be given. There are third parties involved in every project and their response times can be unpredictable. Approaching an architect with the timescales that suit you can begin a discussion around how feasible that may be.