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Extending Your Home: 4 Ways to Keep Your Neighbours Happy

Whilst your home is your castle, it will rarely exist without one or more neighbours. Many of us live within close proximity of several neighbours, and everybody’s actions will have a bearing on everybody else’s lives. Architectural projects are naturally disruptive to the routine that your neighbours are used to and this can sometimes become the source of long-lasting disputes, both legally and otherwise.

Here are five ways to minimise the disruption to your relationship with neighbours:

1. Talk to them in advance

It costs nothing to knock on the door and just let your neighbour know that you’re planning to extend your home. They’ll appreciate being kept in the know and that you’re aware they will be facing some disruption.

2. Take into account their concerns

Your neighbours may have concerns that relate to standard matters such as light and new usage but may also have some specific concerns. As long as what you’re doing conforms to planning legislation then they are unlikely to be able to challenge the issuing of planning permission, but taking into account their concerns is something that can ensure your good relationship continues.

3. Mitigate their disruption during works

It’s not just the finished extension that your neighbours will be concerned about but also the disruption during the building works. Your neighbours would appreciate you giving instructions to your contractors to avoid certain times of the day or to avoid blocking access routes for example.

4. A small gesture goes a long way

Sometimes a box of chocolates can show that you care. You don’t have to put your dreams on hold because of not wanting to disrupt your neighbours’ lives, but objections to planning permission can add time to the length of your project. That small gesture can go a long way in preventing this from happening in the first place